Not French Recipes

It takes a lot of time to get French pastry going. Meat is expensive & takes a lot of attention. Lately, I’m living with far less meat than I did while living in France (though not quite back to my strict vegetarian days); I’m eating seasonally & shopping locally.

Joe & I buy organic groceries. I’m telling you this not to be a foodie or a show-off, but to show you that it’s possible. Even on your tiny budget. Believe me, we’re right there with you. Sticking to a budget-friendly, organic diet means understanding the bulk aisle, learning about new grains, accepting greens & food I didn’t think I’d enjoy & getting back to basics.

This is a spot for those recipes–the recipes that call on our social consciousness while touching on our roots. Joe & I both grew up in rural communities, having farming in our family history & want to really know who it means to live in tune with our food. It makes for some incredibly simple, nutritious, comforting meals.

Coconut-Cranberry Granola

Orange & Chêvre Salad
Turnip & Radish
Links: pickled radishes & ginger ale recipes
Summer squash soup

Kale Pasta with Cream Sauce
Meditteranean Chickpea Wrap

Squash Bars with Sunflower Seeds & Chocolate Chunks

Poor Man’s Pesto
Oven Dried Tomatoes
Pickled Green Beans and/or Okra

Smokin’ Chickpeas


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