oops, i did it again

applesIt’s year 2 of doubling-up on the CSA fun here at the Betz house. With our second CSA starting up, our cellar is filling with apples, storage squash & potatoes. I just wanted to take a second to point out some things. (1) Holy apples & pumpkin. I want to be baking muffins & pie & bread. I want to make sauce. Did you know that at lots of farmers’ markets, you can get nearly a bushel of apples for about $20? That’s crazy cheap. And leads to loads of apple chips, sauce, butter…

(2) We signed up for an extension with our summer CSA. We’re already seeing the transition from summer to fall here, too. Excited to see what’s in store this fall. Those sweet potatoes? Best. of. my. life.


(3) This CSA is more traditional–pooling crops from a few different producers & providing thrilling fall flavor, from sorghum molasses to kettle corn to apple cider syrup. And apple cider. And persimmon pulp. Oh, God. So good. The CSA is ten weeks. This is what we came home with in week 2. It’s unreal.

csa2We made tomatillo salsa, green tomato sauce (with these tomatoes & the 8 pounds), a huge pot of red curry, braised greens (with white wine & bacon) & apple butter. We’re no where near done.

What’s fall bringing to your kitchen?


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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