My birthday is Saturday. Good timing. I’ve been slipping into a weird place lately. I’ve been running frantically each week & trying to drop obligations from my plate.

And put more cake on my plate. Man! What kind of cake do I want? I’m getting side tracked.

I’m setting goals for year 26, to keep myself sane & give myself space. Here we go:

  1. Dye my hair. Or something. This is the last year or so I have to do something stupid that won’t make me look like a poop at work. Check: It’s purple, y’all.
  2. Have a continuous sourdough starter. Which is tied into the incredible birthday gift Joe landed for me. Which is amazing & another story.
  3. Go ice skating. Because I never have.
  4. Make applesauce. Because I never have. Done–and apple butter.
  5. Launch a professional website–as in The Professional Megan Betz. Check.
  6. Make sloe gin. Becaaaaaause.
  7. Read in French at least once a week. So that it doesn’t all fall away.
  8. Meditate for five minutes a day.
  9. Do yoga on a regular basis.
  10. Learn how to swim. I mean, I can swim. But get better at this lap swimming thing, & stop having panic attacks in the pool. I did this for a while, but fell out of practice once pregnant. If I could half-strikethrough, I would.
  11. Bake Paris-Brest. Oh! Maybe that’ll be my birthday “cake.”
  12. Go camping for more than one night at a time.
  13. Go canoeing again.
  14. Spend a weekend with Chloe at her place & make bad decisions with no boys allowed.
  15. Do this juicing thing on a regular basis.
  16. Bake more healthy, wholesome desserts. And limit sugar.
  17. Have gin in the freezer. Always. As in all the time. Just in case. Check. I obviously started with the essentials.
  18. Buy a KitchenAid. In pistachio green. Because I’ve waited 10 years & started saving up a few times. Check: After literally 10 years of saving, I bought one in my dream color. 
  19. Have nightly tea.
  20. Get a puppy. Okay, so that can’t really go on the list, but it’s a possibility. I want to see it on the list.
  21. Get more professional wardrobe. Check: I’ve transitioned to only buying pieces that build a wardrobe that will work in multiple contexts. Unless I find sequined shorts. Then all Betz are off.
  22. Stop asking Joe to take me out to dinner all the time. Suck it up & make food at home. All the time. We’ve gotten better at this. It helps when it feels too bothersome to take a baby out with you (even though she loves people watching & eating out).
  23. Get back to vegetarianism. Meat only on special occasions. For family.
  24. Plant a tree. How about six?
  25. Journal regularly again. Check: But I’m cheating. I’m journaling about my research as I start working on my dissertation, which is actually richer, more thrilling & far more interesting than you’d think.
  26. Act my age. And love every second of it. Because 26 feels good, friend. It feels good. We’re doin’ things with life. Big things. Being grown ups & stuff. So, let the small things go & live big.

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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