another round-up

coffeeWow. School. Ouch. Brain bruises from stretching it too far. This is basically my life. The coffee consumption–and the Gilmore Girls watching while grading papers & organizing notes–has greatly increased.


I wake up sluggish & ignore any offers to do anything social, because how can you have a social life when you have multiple books to read each week? I’m falling flat.

glowJoe & I have big plans for this week. Joining the Y. Eating healthier, with recipes like this autumn salad, nori rolls, an awesome lentil salad & maybe even some cinnamon rolls. And more cupcakes (less because they’re paleo; more because they’re good for a gluten-free crowd). (Hey, it can’t just be vegetables.)

I know we say this a lot. But we both feel really differently this time. Lots has changed for us in the past few months, & we’re trying to live fully in this new phase of our life. Plus, those recipes just. Look. Delicious.

Here are some other fun things the Internet had to offer this week.

Hold the tuna. Don’t hold the anchovies: Where we eat on the food chain matters–for Mercury levels in seafood, and for limiting our impact on ecosystems. Here are some awesome, lower-impact seafood dishes from onearth.

SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) are getting hit. Hard. Congress wants to make drastic cuts. Here’s more on the issue from the Wall Street Journal and the Center for Research on Globalization. Think that’s not a big deal? That it’ll force people to work harder & better their lives? Think again. 76% of SNAP goes to households with children, who, unless we revoke child labor laws, can’t better their own lives. Most of those children are white. Most of their parents are working–and many are working multiple jobs. Check your privilege. Then, yell at Congress. Because this is unacceptable, and we can stop serious cuts from happening.

Cory Booker is winning at the politics game. When he took the SNAP challenge–living off of a budget that totaled approximately $30/week, to mimic the budget that SNAP provides individuals–it sparked a huge conversation. It also inspired a lot of people to give it a try–hopefully increasing their compassion. Most recently, Panera CEO Ron Shaich is taking the challenge (and trying to run a pretty solid business, like having a pick-your-price location that funds their foundation & donating their food “waste”).

Want a rustic French dessert that’s like a pie with limited effort? Check out these lovely galettes at Tasting Table for inspiration, then try the blueberry cornmeal recipe. “One crust, many options” sums it up well, I think. Galettes always impress–and there’s no fluting or criss-crossing or fancy-pantsing necessary.

Happy weekend!


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