that’s it

I’m done.

It’s over.

I got my first pie pumpkin of the year. This week, I’m turning it into kolokithopita, pumpkin garlic knots + pumpkin chili. And probably some other bread-based product, because let’s be real: All I want is some way to pretend that my bread has a higher nutritional value than it really does. #Winning

It turns out that planning a garden to keep food growing through the winter requires, well, planning. It sort of fell through the cracks. I blame the truly bizarre late start to summer–our tomatoes didn’t really take off until well into August. How am I suppose to think about spinach & carrots when I’m gorging myself on tomatoes?

We salvaged some crop plans and have finally put that cleared (and hopefully poison ivy-free) patio to use. Our long raised bed has been seeded with carrots–yes, it’s late; no, I don’t care–lettuce, spinach & radish. Some afternoon, when things are sprouting, I’ll post pictures of the full patio transformation.

We even got the side beds redone! Lavender plants. Mums going in soon for fall color. Plus a second strawberry patch that we just planted to fill in a sad-looking patch of soil that was filled with old peppermint plants. We will have strawberries for days. (And if not, we’ll have strawberry plants upon strawberry plants.) Strawberries are an incredible ground cover, since they want to take over all the space they possibly can anyway. These are in a shady spot, so I’m not really expecting much fruit. At least it will be a low-maintenance, quick-filling landscape for the next few years.

As for what we’ll plant when the tomatoes, peppers & nasturtium finally get torn out of the community garden plot… Okay, we’ll probably be eating a lot of spinach this fall. And we’re hoping to throw out some alliums (onions, garlic) if we find bulbs at the co-op. Maybe even some more brassicas (broccoli, cabbage) if plant starts return to the farmers’ market. Look at me using fancy gardening words!

Are you all still in summer mode, or are you dreaming about a hot cocoa & an oversized fair isle sweater?


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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