later, august…

…no one will miss you.

And I mean no one.

Yesterday was our first time visiting My Sister the College Student. It was an incredible time, and it was a happy farewell to a month that has been probably my worst on record. For example: A giant, dried-up piece of poison ivy skin fell off. Doesn’t sound like a good thing? It is. I’m like Neve Campbell in The Craft. My normal skin is back, people.

It’s Labor Day. Joe & I spent the entire day laboring to get our apartment in shape–assembling IKEA furniture (greatly increasing our allen wrench collection), doing laundry, hanging & fixing curtains, moving files & software to a new computer. It was an epic day, finished with beer & a burger. God bless American holiday meals.

We’re planning our garden, paying all of our bills on time, decorating our apartment & in general feeling super awesome. Am I already behind on my homework? Yes. But I also already turned in my first paper and read my first book of the semester. So, yeah. I’m gonna take today to get all those stupid, endless tasks crossed off of my life plan.

Because it’s September. And we have the Internet. And our landlord has fixed everything he said he would. And our life is settling into routine. And after a month of sickness, fleas, allergic reactions, moving, traveling, job mishaps & miscellaneous disaster that left me feeling like the seven plagues were upon me… it is September.

Now, I’m off to do dishes & plan my autumn garden with Joe. Normal blogging will resume this week. Whatever that means at this point.

Someone bring my a pumpkin pie.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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