the thinning-my-inbox round-up

I’ve always loved getting mail. Even when I moved to college and got no mail at home, I’d be the first to check my parents’ mailbox. I’d steal the chance to open their Christmas cards. It’s a thing I have. Often, when we get out of the truck, I stand in front of our mailbox & wait for Joe to open it like a puppy waiting for a Milk-Bone.

Needless to say, I get addicted to electronic mail as well. Well, until this summer. Until I started really sifting through some things in my life: Why am I so set on lists? Why do I continuously glorify being busy? Why do I, like this blog and the countless others I’ve started, allow things I enjoy to become tasks, to-do items, obligations?

I’m culling my inbox. I’m finally taking that big, adult step: calling people I won’t donate to & asking them not to send me free mailing labels & surveys anymore. I’m thinning things out & keeping those I actually read.

So what am I keeping? What do I read? Glad you asked. Okay, glad I’m pretending you asked.

My Inbox

Modern Farmer + Taproot: These two magazines are (1) new, (2) gorgeous & (3) filled with a fun, interesting, stimulating mix of content. So far, I’m only reading them online, but they’re the first I’ll subscribe to when I have discretionarily spending & splurging on Taproot when I find it at the co-op.

Urban Farm: A great print magazine (that actually had a feature on the Orchard in its May/June issue, be still my heart) that also has really great online content + a fun newsletter for your inbox. Their categories are perfect for getting right at what your interested in & finding both good resources & intriguing stories.

GOOD: This magazine/social network has a great daily newsletter & is just awesome. It tries to build community by pooling content, encouraging discussion & giving you tasks. (I know–you’re shocked I’m into this type of thing.) You can follow topics your passionate about & see what communities are doing to enact change.

My feedly

Civil Eats: This is the best place to learn what young professionals in the world of food policy & sustainable agriculture are up to. Learn more about the world of agriculture as a business, a social movement, a way of living & a job market.

The Salt: Policy + food trivia + science + this amazing feature called “Sandwich Monday” = one of the most accessible, genuinely entertaining blogs dealing with food, agriculture & policy. They almost trick you into learning things.

Austerity Kitchen: Sometimes poetry, sometimes history, sometimes bizarre stories. Always awesome reading, as is most of The New Inquiry.

Joy the Baker + Minimalist Baker + Happyolks + My New Roots: Get your bake on, folks. These are my go-to resources for fresh, healthy, joyous goodies to share with friends. The photography is inspiring; the recipes are largely simple; the ingredients are mostly accessible & highly adaptable.

Our mailbox

River Teeth, the New Yorker, Poetry, Game Informer. (Guess which one of these is mine? Okay, I love the New Yorker, & my goal for August is to start reading it again. But seriously. We’re closer to 30 than 20, & Game Informer comes to our mailbox. To be fair, he didn’t subscribe, per say; it came free with his video game-buying card thing.) This year, I’m insanely excited to announce that we’ll be adding our local paper to the list. And, if I start pooping money, we’ll get the New York Times… or at least the weekender version.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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