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bco_tour_7Since walking out of my temporary home while dogsitting last week, the week has been a tumult of obligations. I’d been turning back to writing these days, was beginning to find this sense of calm I keep talking about. As my journaling & writing stopped, I reverted back to some bad habits: A complete emotional malfunction with lots of anger & sobbing when I tried to cram three jobs, seven meetings, five side projects & learning how to teach a physical geography lab into one week, all of which led me to eating peanut M&Ms* (protein) + an entire cucumber for lunch yesterday.

bco_tour_2I did, in the middle of the week, have a chance to spend a few long afternoon hours at the Orchard, helping lead a tour & a discussion of what the organization means for food access & environmental justice in our community. It brought me back to center, adding a new breeze of inspiration into the otherwise heavy, suffocating air. I posted about it here, in a first step toward launching the Orchard’s blog.

From now until the end of September, every weekend has large arrows through it.
<– STL, wedding –> or <– Family in town –> or <– Orientation –>.  Today, it’s a drive back to St. Louis for dinner & a stay with friends–the incredible couple we befriended in France, when we discovered we were expatriate bloggers living just an hour away from each other–then Joe’s Tuesday evening poetry reading. We both have so much love for the people & places we’ve had a chance to know in St. Louis, so each jot back–even for only 24 hours–feels like coming home.

*I am never, under any circumstances, allowed to walk into a CVS again. Go in for toilet paper, come out with TP + M&Ms. Go in for mascara, come out with mascara + M&Ms…


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