just a quick thing

The best humor rings deeply of truth. Louis CK dominates that anyway, but this in particular… it’s featured on the show at some point. I remember laughing with Joe, but now. Now, it’s taking the Interwebz by storm. As abortion restrictions are slipped into motorcycle bills & Wendy Davis’s motivating efforts are fought against–as women across the country are being forced to rely on old men to protect them, this two-minute segment of CK’s comedy is reminding us all of a deeper truth. What does protection of women really look like? And who can we trust to do it? And what does it take to trust someone in any capacity–someone you know or someone you’ve never met, someone completely different than your or someone who shares in the most intimate and mundane moments of your day?

So, have a laugh. Because not laughing just makes it that much harder.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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