mid-week round-up

joe_bday2When I think about the coming weeks, I don’t know how to be anything but completely overwhelmed. A wedding in St. Louis (Yay, Patrick + Shellie!), a poetry reading in St. Louis, packingpackingpacking, a move, dogsitting, Harvest Festival. And then the summer is nearly over.

As you know, for a while I was thinking about letting this blog go. The plan was to move entirely to public question. Instead, I’m moving that content here–scrunching it up into fun, link-filled posted to share all the glorious, food-focused things the Internet gods point me toward throughout the week. Here’s a round-up for you:


1. Bread is my jam. I realize that’s confusing, because normally you put jam on bread. But you know what I mean. No-knead bread is a busy, bread-loving lady’s best friend. This no-knead recipe takes a total of 15 minutes of hands-on time, and as the name suggests, none of that time is messy kneading. Homemade bread in 15 minutes a day? And boom goes the dynamite. I made the bread for Joe’s birthday dinner (tuna melts with local cheese and crispy bacon + blueberry buckle for dessert). As you can see, it’s a beautiful loaf. Highly recommend it.

2. It’s great that people are increasingly incorporating agriculture into urban areas–in fact, check at this whole magazine dedicated to it: Urban Farm. Unfortunately, that means many of us are romanticizing farm life & taking on poor chicks we can’t handle as chickens. Many urban chickens are ending up in animal shelters. Willy Blackmore–whose job I’d just about give a kidney to have–addresses that in his piece, “The Abandoned Backyard Chicken Epidemic“.

3. I ate my fair share of cheese-filled soft pretzels & Sprites for lunch in high school. So, I’m excited that (a) the USDA is regulating non-lunch foods sold in public schools and (b) they’re not usnig a “nutritionism” approach. Bettina Siegel explains why this is great in In “New School Snack Rules, USDA Rejects a ‘Nutritionism’ Approach“. In the article, Siegel references Pollan’s writing on nutritionism; she’s referring to his “Unhappy Meals” from the NY Times in 2007–also a good read.

4. In other baking news, these healthy blueberry scones are tops. Let’s be real: All of Happyolks is tops. Also, basil-peach pie is insane. These flavors play off of each other so well. I know, I know. This recipe is vegan and time consuming, but (a) it’s worth it and (b) if you want, just use whatever pie crust you normally use. Just make this pie filling.

joe_bday15. When Joe & I want to waste some time together, we usually end up on Buzzfeed. For example, earlier today–on his 28th birthday–Joe came across this 30 Signs You’re Almost 30… and laughed at how most of them are true. A while ago, I found this 65 books to read before you’re 30. Since Joe has two more years, we’ve decided to see how far into the list we could get. We’ve read a chunk of them already, but today we went to the library to grab some summer reading: The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch, On the Road, and The Fortress of Solitude.  We’re keeping track of how far we get. Have you read any of these? Let us know which are good!


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  1. emilygrise says:

    Can’t wait for Joe’s reading!!

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