week 27

v515_4We’re back! I know I was gone longer than expected, but a week of vacation let me drowning in e-mails, work projects, apartment cleaning & gardening. But, that means I had two serious accomplishments: I scored another part-time job–doing marketing for a local business–and wrote my first proposal for a rather large freelance, agriculture-focused writing gig.

As a reward, Joe & I finally booked a camping trip–just a simple night in a woods near here. I feel like the trip should include beer & bacon. Exclusively. We’ll see what happens.

This  week wasn’t spectacular. I had no energy to cook and ended up eating more than my fair share of ice cream & cheese puffs. I slept a lot. I think the emotional stress of this summer just came to a head & wiped me out. I actually ended up steaming, blanching & freezing a lot of produce so that it wouldn’t go bad. And I put everything I could fit into my eggs.


Breakfast: granola & almond milk or eggs & toast

Mon. lunch: almond butter sandwich, raw veggies, nectarines
Mon. dinner: Annie’s BBQ chicken frozen pizza, Mad Men & beer
Tues. brunch: garlic scape, green onion, chard & mushroom omelet with  toast, sauteed tomato & fruit
Tues. dinner: veggie burger out with friends
Wed. lunch: Clif bar, veggies with ranch & strawberries
Wed. dinner: eggs with garlic scapes, green onion & mushrooms, topped with chive, tomato & vegan sour cream
Thurs. lunch:  lots of snacking
Thurs. dinner: homemade pizza with broccoli, mushrooms & garlic scapes
Fri. lunch: big salad, pretzels & strawberries
Fri. dinner: homemade pizza with slivered Brussels sprouts & mushrooms with a side of steamed broccoli

Snacks: pretzels, peas & carrots, strawberries, black bean brownies, chips & salsa


CSA Share (averaging $15/week)
salad mix
Swiss chard
bok choy
green onions
garlic scapes

From the Co-op ($60)
frozen pizza
parmesan cheese
sugar snap peas
1 lb. mushrooms
local strawberries
almond milk
1.5 lbs. granola
large box of couscous
large can of tomato puree
brussel sprouts
seaweed wraps
large slicer tomato
5 lbs. potatoes


  • a cup of chickpeas, forgotten in the fridge
  • 1/2 cup of forgotten ravioli filling
  • an old, mostly empty jar of capers
  • aluminum foil that I’ve got more liberal with using and less good at reusing without ruining, all crumbled up in the recycling pile
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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