week 25

v515_4This is a late post that was scheduled for Friday. There won’t be posting this week. I’m crazy amounts of behind. I owe you a bee post, a post about a fun app that helps you avoid Monsanto & all sorts of things for the July vegan craziness.

There won’t be a budget update this week, because I am home in Ohio for all sorts of shenanigans. My sister graduated from high school, which is something very hard to process. So, we’re taking the week to get ready for her graduation party, go back to Cedar Point & get into as much trouble as possible before we both start acting more adult. (Bahahahahaha.)

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be posting at all until Monday, June 10. I’m allowing myself the break. Forgive me. I want to focus on laying in the back yard with my sister, possibly playing on a Slip & Slide, reading at the breakfast table with Mom & holding onto the last few days of childhood-esque summertime.


Breakfast: smoothies or granola & almond milk

Sat. lunch: Vietnamese-style tofu hero sandwiches from The Conscious Cook
Sat. dinner: deliciousness at a wedding
Sun. brunch:  massive amounts of goodness made by Joe’s sister, who started her own blog
Sun. dinner:
homemade pizza & a Pacers game
Mon. lunch:
more hero sandwiches
Mon. dinner: grilled cheese, strawberries & salad
Tues. lunch: massive salads from our CSA goods + strawberries + egg
Tues. dinner: kale & cauliflower tart with a potato crust
Wed. lunch: more Mediterranean chickpea wraps from The Conscious Cook
Wed. dinner: roasted cauliflower & kale pie
Thurs. lunch:  more cauliflower & kale pie
Thurs. dinner: eggs & potatoes with sauerkraut
Fri. lunch: bagel sandwiches

Snacks: mixed nuts, carrots, lemon thyme bread


CSA Share (averaging $15/week)
salad mix
green onions
Swiss chard

Farmers’ Market ($20)
1 lb. coffee

From the Co-op ($40)
1 large lemon
4 lbs. whole wheat flour
sour cream
mozzarella cheese
extra-firm tofu
rice vinegar
almond milk
banana pepper
local strawberries
2 lbs. potatos
2 shallots


  • a lunch that I’d forgotten at work… for a week (AKA asparagus slime)
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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