week 24

v515_4An odd week. I took one night to make most of our food–a huge dish of rice & sautéed vegetables, later reheated with fried eggs dropped on top for a bibimbap-style meal. It felt good to make roughly six of the week’s meals in less than an hour. I’m glad I opted for reheatable, warm meals; the temperature dropped unexpectedly. Storms reared up as last bit of storm from Oklahoma’s tragedy settled on this part of the country.

Joe & I are starting to just feel good. Even when we went out to watch the Pacers game, I felt myself wanting to consume less–felt myself fill up from the cheesy tortilla far more quickly than my former self would have.

We also started getting our CSA this week, which is really exciting. Lots of greens, nudging us back into salads & reminding us that we won’t be using the fluffy comforter for much longer. This year, we opted for a half-share. Last summer’s heaping basket of goods was overwhelming. We ate more potato-kale soup than any couple should consumer over the course of their marriage. We felt like we wasted a good amount of greens, simply because we didn’t eat enough meals to consume them all before they went mushy. We cut back, planned our own garden to provide some diversity & looked up some new recipes for spring greens. At only $15/week ($350 paid before the CSA started), it feels like a bargain. We get an e-mail telling us what will be in our basket, then we find the most economical way to fill out meals for the week, heading to market with a targeted grocery list.


Breakfast: granola & almond milk or eggs & toast

Sat. brunch: out to Farm, celebrating a friend’s trip to town
Sat. dinner: leftovers
Sun. lunch:  leftovers
Sun. dinner:
 Asian-inspired creations at a friend’s
Mon. lunch:
 vegan mac & cheese
Mon. dinner: burgers on a bed of greens with radish & homemade pickles
Tues. lunch: more mac & cheese
Tues. dinner: more burgers & fried green tomatoes
Wed. lunch: rice with asparagus, carrot & radish
Wed. dinner: quesadillas while watching the Pacers game (basketball sadness, but yeah gift cards!)
Thurs. lunch:  a massive salad
Thurs. dinner: bibimbap
Fri. lunch: bibimbap
Fri. dinner: homemade pizza

Snacks: mixed nuts, deep-dish cookie


CSA Share (averaging $15/week)
salad mix
green onions

Farmers’ Market ($20)
1 bunch kale
1 lb. coffee
1 lb. green tomato
sweet potatoes
1 tomato plant

From the Co-op ($40)
spelt flour
black bean hummus
garbanzo beans
chocolate chips
tortilla chips
canned tomatoes
almond milk


  • a salad I couldn’t finish
  • some butter that got moldy (honestly didn’t know that was possible)
  • beets that were, well, past their prime
  • the usual plastic bags & twist ties from bulk goods, though we’re saving them for reuse at the farmers’ market
  • aluminum foil that I’ve got more liberal with using and less good at reusing without ruining, all crumbled up in the recycling pile
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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