week 19

v515_4This week was a #$*&ing nightmare.

So, I ate a lot of frozen pizza. Go ahead. Judge. I’m just crying at home alone, anyway.


Breakfast: smoothies or homemade granola & almond milk

Sat. lunch: brunch at FARM
Sat. dinner: red beans & rice, mango salsa & tortilla chips
Sun. lunch: 
 random stuff while working at an event
Sun. dinner:
Mon. lunch:
 leftover pizza
Mon. dinner: soba kale & slivered Brussels sprouts
Tues. lunch: cabbage & lentil soup
Tues. dinner: eggs & potatoes
Wed. lunch: random things at events on campus (#gradstudent)
Wed. dinner: soft-boiled egg salad on fresh bread
Thurs. lunch:  cabbage & lentil soup with homemade bread
Thurs. dinner: pizza, chips & salsa
Fri. lunch: pizza
Fri. dinner: more egg salad

Snacks: almonds, carrots, no-bake layer bar


  • plastic packaging from bulk goods & baking ingredients
  • a moldy container of root vegetables
  • a salad I forgot to eat
  • som extra lettuce we didn’t turn into a salad quick enough
  • lots of compost–actually going to the compost again

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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