my favorite season

baseball_moviesNext Thursday, softball season starts. My second year playing on a city slow-pitch team with my boss. Nothing–I mean nothing–smells better than the combination of a worn ball glove, a clay field & a freshly cut outfield.

I love baseball. It’s in my blood. I’m from a Reds family, so the fact that I now love rooting for the Cardinals (who’re having a decent start to the season) is a bit of a controversy. Every family should have a baseball controversy. In honor of my favorite season, I’m hoping to have a bit of a baseball movie marathon when I’m done with school. Baseball movies make the best sports movies. Here are my favorites.

TheNatural1. The Natural: For starters, Robert Redford. And the cast is amazing. If you need another reason… it’s a story of natural, graceful talent.

The-Sandlot2. Sandlot: “You play ball like a girl.” If you’ve never put on Chucks & thought you could fly over a fence, I don’t understand your childhood.

Leagueoftheirown3. A League of Their Own: The best quotes, the best cast, the best time period. And we get to see women as athletes. I only have one sister, & she’s younger… so I always wanted this movie to become our life story. Minus the drama–we’d work it out & stay Peaches.

moneyball4. Moneyball: The story of an underdog team & a revolution in baseball. God, I love this movie. It was the first time I remember saying, “Statistics is amazing!” So, I think I owe this movie a lot of thanks.

field_of_dreams5. Field of Dreams: Duh. I mean, come on. Every ball lover’s dream.

pride-of-the-yankees6. The Pride of the Yankees: Don’t mishear me. I hate the Yankees. but, man. The story of Lou Gehrig.


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