week 17

v515_4While our menus these past few months have gotten less exciting, we’re really enjoying our seasonal diet. Lots of roasted veggies keep the apartment warm, our bellies full & our bodies fueled–all those heavy root vegetable calories slowly burning through the afternoon. The lack of change is more a reflection of our busy schedule than fatigue with the markets’ offerings. Other than that, not much to report this week. I tried to get myself back in the swing of things by making yogurt, granola & bread. We had some tasty treats, but really we just struggled to piece meals together between goings-on. If we make it through April, it’ll be a miracle.


Breakfast: smoothies or homemade granola & yogurt

Mon. lunch: pasta & garbanzo “meat” balls with summer squash
Mon. dinner:
 deli sandwiches from Bloomingfoods
Tues. lunch: pizza at a work fundraiser
Tues. dinner: burgers at Upland–celebrating minor life successes
Wed. lunch: spinach salad with Easter eggs
Wed. dinner: roasted chicken & root vegetables
Thurs. lunch: chicken salad sandwiches
Thurs. dinner: veggie burgers & roasted root vegetables
Fri. lunch:  chicken salad sandwiches
Fri. dinner: free snacks at my program’s annual gala
Sat. lunch: sandwiches, hummus & veggies at a sustainability conference
Sat. dinner: cheese pizza

Snacks: cookies, almonds, apples, carrots


Organic food from the co-p ($70)
baby spinach
3 lbs. oats
3 lbs. bananas
peanut butter
whole milk
5 lbs. potatoes
frozen berries
sweet potatoes
4 lbs. flour
veggie burgers
bell pepper
2 avocados
1 Greek yogurt, to feed our homemade yogurt
broccoli sprouts
cream cheese
whole chicken


  • a chicken carcass, after boiling it to make 2 quarts of chicken stock
  • dead sprouts that didn’t make it on their own over Easter weekend
  • leftover vegetables that I forgot at work last week
  • $$$ on some impulse purchases throughout the week
  • odds & ends of packaging that went into recycling
  • lots of compost–actually going to the compost again

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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