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There’s no budget update this week. We ate horribly. I don’t have time to make food, think, stop doing homework or blog. My goals this week are to roast a chicken, make granola & make yogurt again. All things that make me feel like I’m cooking while I’m mostly stirring for five minutes & walking away for an hour.


I’ve decided I’m going big to celebrate the end of Lent, the closing of my graduate school career & the fact that I’ve made it through what has hands-down been the hardest, most emotionally strained six months of my life. When some projects are wrapped up, we’re going crazy. Here’s what’s getting me through:

For starters, there will be a buttermilk day: beignets for breakfast, chicken & waffles for dinner.

Then, there will be succulents. I’ve been telling Joe that I need more life in the apartment. The light isn’t great; the carpeting makes me feel closed in. I need some life that will force me to open the curtains more & be more in tune with sunlight & hydration. You Grow Girl shares my love of succulents, and this post was delightful.

Then, there will be English muffin experiments. I love English muffins, but they’re approximately $90-bagillion at the groceries here. I’m going to try this faster method that starts in a bread machine & this King Arthur recipe that seems rather awesome.

Mmm… that was a glorious mental break. Now, back to work. Hope you had a wonderful Easter if your celebrating it, a happy belated Passover or a glorious start to spring if you’re neither religion.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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