week 14

spring_break2013We spent the last week tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, staying in the cabin of a friend’s family. There were countless good meals shared, meaning we spent lots of time in the kitchen together & around the table sharing far too many beers and lots of hilarious stories.

Joe & I tagged along with another couple, and we took turns making meals for each other. It was by far the most economical way to have a great vacation. We ate out twice with their family, who live in Georgia, but mostly made hearty meals enjoyed while playing board games & listening to the fire crackle. I’ll post more on the trip later this week, but for now, here’s the usual budget update. I’d say between the two couples, we spent $200 on the food we ate. Considering the variety & the fresh vegetables, it was a major win.

Want to see more from our adventure? Here’s a photo album.


Breakfast: cinnamon rolls or eggs & potatoes or banana chocolate pancakes

Sat. lunch: chicken salad sandwiches & car snacks
Sat. dinner: white chili with corn bread & salad
Sun. brunch: glorious lunch at Harvest on Main
Sun. dinner: ribs, cole slaw, corn on the cob & salad
Mon. lunch: left overs
Mon. dinner:
roasted sweet potatoes, beets & delicata squash on a bed of shredded greens in oil & balsamic
Tues. lunch: veggie pizza & salad
Tues. dinner: amazing fish tacos with mango salsa
Wed. lunch: Joe’s eggs & potatoes
Wed. dinner: sausage, mushroom & spinach lasagna with way too much garlic bread
Thurs. lunch: PB&J, bananas, chips &  snacks for hiking
Thurs. dinner: leftovers, but mostly apple pie à la mode
Fri. lunch:
BLT with fried green tomatoes & fries
Fri. dinner: snacks the whole way home

snap peas, bell pepper, chips, crackers, hummus, vegetable chips, almonds, espresso chocolate muffins… I could go on forever


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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