IWD 2013

International-Womens-DayHappy International Women’s Day! Here’s some good reading to celebrate:

  1. Not sure where to start with this whole feminism thing? Start in the now. Bitch & Feministing are great (print & digital, respectively). Feministing had a really fun cheat sheet post for IWD.
  2. HuffPo got in on IWD and shared this alarming fact: 1 in 3 women will be raped or assaulted in their lifetime.
  3. Democracy Now has a great broadcast dedicated to the Violence Against Women Act.
  4. Check out the history of IWD, but please ignore all of the BP promotion that’s eating that page.
  5. Shit like this still happens. We’re reminded to “look to men,” since they’re still in the power positions in our workplaces, for fashion advice. To not dress too loud. To know show or boobs, because we’re asking for it. Because we’re not having the conversation we should be having: that the way we’re looked at, the way our boobs are looked, the way our outfits are looked at, is. a. problem.
  6. Shit like this also still happens. We still push vacuums? In our high heels? And by high heels I mean boobs? Now, don’t get me wrong. We choose how we’re sexy. I love this piece about Beyonce’s powerful display at the Super Bowl. But Topanga pushing a vacuum & providing us with groceries is a bit too much to bear.
  7. Taylor Swift is a hot mess of a celebrity, but she tries to use “girl power” against Amy Poehler & Tina Fey. Two of the women in Hollywood who exemplify modern feminist principles & are real role models for girls (and women). Poehler is a major inspiration: she hosts a great YouTube channel to empower young ladies, and she created a great feminist character. (I’ll be honest–I can’t decide if I love Poehler or Leslie Knope more.)

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