week 11

v515_4We really tried to continue on last weeks path. Okay, so we spent a lot last week, but we focused on buying things that we didn’t need all of that week. We’re focusing on sale items and utilized our 5% off wild card day. (You get to pick one day a month to take an extra 5% off of your bill.) Moving forward, we want to get back to the habit of shopping on whatever day a week gets us 5% off, since it changes every month. And stock up on things when they’re on sale.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey or eggs & potatoes or breakfast smoothies

Sat. lunch: eggs & fried potatoes
Sat. dinner: more of THESE BABIES!
Sun. lunch: eggs & fried potatoes
Sun. dinner: grilled cheese & roasted red pepper soup
Mon. lunch: big salads
Mon. dinner:
Brussels sprouts & bleu cheese, mini pizzas on pita
Tues. lunch: tempeh Reubens
Tues. dinner: kitsune soba with veggies to snack on
Wed. lunch: pita & cheese, roasted red pepper soup
Wed. dinner: Brussels sprouts & bleu cheese, mini pizzas on pita
Thurs. lunch: deli sandwiches
Thurs. dinner: delicata squash stuffed with cheese, peppers & quinoa
Fri. lunch: pita & hummus, roasted red pepper soup
Fri. dinner: brie & havarti mac n cheese with asparagus (friends with mad cooking skills)

chips & salsa, hummus & toast, rice crackers, almonds, COOKIES


Organic Groceries from the Co-op ($55)
nice loaf of farm bread (20% off!)
bleu cheese (30% off!)
Greek yogurt
large bag of potatoes
sugar snap peas
frozen onion rings ($1 off!)
pomegranate blueberry juice (2/$5!!!)
2 lbs. bulk barley
pint grape tomatoes
loads of bananas
chocolate and original almond milk (on sale for $1.50/box)
2 lbs. quick oats
2 tubs pitted dates (2/$5)

Winter Market ($x)
sweet potatoes
frozen chicken
salad greens


  • plastic from bags of chips & bulk sausage
  • lots of compost
  • boxes from packaged pizza & our take-out deli sandwiches, recycled
  • bottles of wine & beer, recycled
  • a cup of soup, sliced veggies, random egg whites & shriveled root vegetables, wasted

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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