hello, world

The past two weeks have been a n i g h t m a r e. A whirlwind of deadlines all hitting at once, reminding me that the final push to May 4 will drain just about every bit of hope from me. It’s like this, where I’m the person. And my life of group projects is the dog.

excited_dogCompletely bizarre, these past few days. Fortunately, not as bizarre as this commercial for furniture that also promotes.. Billy Corgan’s pro wrestling business?

So after preparing endless paperwork & submitting it for edits, I did my nails, ate the first homemade meal in days & sank into a heavy glass of wine to get me through my reading.

I’m getting back on track. Smoothies for breakfast, but no workouts. No homemade anything–though Joe has been making some rather tasty dinners between our grilled cheeses & frozen pizzas (like last night’s Brussels sprouts, spaghetti & bleu cheese with nuts). No writing or waking up early. Yes staying up late, panicking.

Through all this, I’ve been working on forgiving myself for not doing things & on just getting through one thing at a time. I need some new life strategies.

So today, I plowed through a mini workday. I got a haircut & bounced around the grocery store. I bought one of everything that was on sale with this goal: spend way too much money this week, then not have to buy grains or beans for a few weeks. (It hurt, but it means I’ll stop panicking about what to take for lunch on school days.) More on that in next week’s budget post.

For now, I just wanted to share two goals: (1) Make more time for not school things + (2) Bring back one interesting, sustainability- or feminism-related post a week. This blog has turned into Dullsville. (But then again, judging by the amount of leggins & sweatpants I’ve been wearing lately, so has my life…)

Have a great weekend!


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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  1. Leggings layered beneath sweatpants? Don’t mind if I do.

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