week 10

v515_4Okay, the name of the game this week was Refill the Cupboards. Because our schedules are crazy, there are so many nights where we’re so hungry we can’t wait to make dinner. Or time gets away from us & there’s nothing to whip up for lunch. We needed to fix this, to prevent impulse eating-out or snacking.

So, I walked through the co-op & bought literally every nonperishable that was on sale. From crackers to snack mix & almonds to quinoa packets & mac & cheese.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey or eggs & potatoes or breakfast smoothies or these pancakes to use up our apple butter

Sat. lunch: brunch out after market
Sat. dinner: mac & cheese, side of peas/cucumbers/carrots
Sun. lunch: sandwiches loaded with veggies (and mayo, which was why I really wanted a sandwich)
Sun. dinner: lentil & sausage soup
Mon. lunch: more soup, bread, apple & veggies to snack on
Mon. dinner:
Tues. lunch: pizza
Tues. dinner: baked sweet potatoes, kale chips, almonds & cheese
Wed. lunch: more soup, bread, apple & veggies to snack on
Wed. dinner: pasta with peppers, onions, carrots & Parmesan cheese with salad
Thurs. lunch: spaghetti
Thurs. dinner: spaghetti that had sat on the stove all day & beer
Fri. lunch: veggie sandwich with local pork
Fri. dinner: THESE BABIES! (Yes, I bought frozen onion rings.)

chips & salsa, hummus & toast, rice crackers, almonds, COOKIES


Organic Groceries from the Co-op ($75–for lots of pantry filling)
3 boxes of Mac & Cheese
bulk almonds
rice crackers
snack mix
roasted red pepper soup
large can tomatoes
hot peppers
5 lbs. oranges
falafel mix
2 lbs. lentils
Brussels sprouts

Winter Market ($18)
delicata squash
lots of garlic
sweet potatoes


  • plastic from bags of chips & bulk sausage
  • misc. recycling from tonic water, beer, boxed food
  • serving of shepherd’s pie I forgot at work
  • lots of compost
  • That’s seriously it this week! Betz family 1. Food waste, 0 (or “every other week”).

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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