// blog roll, please: the policy //

Last week, I shared my favorite food & cooking blogs. I’ve loved cooking for as long as I can remember, & baking is so completely central to how I deal with life that I have become the odd girl who brings food to class all the time. (My diet plan: share the sugar before you eat it all for breakfast.)

Over the past six years, I’ve learned a lot about the food industry. It’s changed the way I eat. It’s changed the way I shop. It’s drastically changed what I decide to bake & what goes inside. It’s changed my tastes–even though some things are still a struggle. (I’m like a stubborn toddler when it comes to drinking enough water these days; I insist coffee replaces all water needs. Beets still make me gag a bit.)

But as the food movement has defined itself more fully, & as young people have started to take ownership of their diets, some really great blogs have formed. I wanted to share these with you, because good, quality food & good, quality policy go together. And because you don’t have to study policy to understand what’s going on. In some ways, industry relies on you being too overwhelmed to act. Here are some blogs that combat that, giving some power back to the “little” guy:

//civil eats// if you can read one blog about the state of the american food system, this should be it. the breadth of topics & voices provides a really good primer for all aspects of food. the writing avoids jargon & writes for general understanding.

// ecotrust //the blog from ecotrust, an organization working for a more sustainable economy, isn’t always about food. but, as kid president might say, it’s always about awesome. sustainable, resilient communities–built around seasonal, sustainably sourced food. investments in new, eco-conscious technologies & policies. a blog for a beautiful future.

// the equation // didn’t think scientists blogged? wrong. the union of concerned scientists hosts this surprisingly (no offense, scientists!) approachable & layperson-friendly blog. they pick great topics, have credible sources & apply hard/soft sciences to the situation.  this is a great blog for understand the how & why, and for learning nuggets of information to use in debates. [wink]

// worldwatch institute // this blog’s “vision for a sustainable future” always leads to really interesting content, & they have a whole food & agriculture category. this blog takes the widest lens of those listed, looking at sustainable development & food issues on a global scale.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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