week 9

v515_4Oh, man, my friends. So many carbohydrates this week. Fruit for breakfast. Starting the day right. Then letting energy plummet & deciding that all I want for the rest of the day is pita, crackers & toast.

We ate some tasty things as well, though. Delicata is by far the easiest winter storage squash to deal with, because you can eat the outside. Score. Brussels sprouts are officially back on store shelves & in farmers’ market booths. I even made myself enjoy some salads & healthy breakfasts this week. (I will not eat cookies for breakfast. I will not eat cookies for breakfast.)

That said, we keep doing this thing. You know, running out of food. Or rather, there are foodstuffs around, but the odds & ends are so… odd. Or require so much time. So we eat frozen pizza or gorge on pita & hummus. We’re working on that. As always, it’s a work in progress, but there were more healthy foods than not, even if at times it was just a big bowl of puréed chickpeas.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey or eggs & potatoes or kale/banana smoothies

Sat. lunch: eggs & potatoes
Sat. dinner: roasted red pepper soup with Parmesan & herbed, toasted pitas
Sun. lunch: eggs & potatoes
Sun. dinner: appetizers out… and a lot of beer (Superbowl! Beyonce!)
Mon. lunch: big salad with hard-boiled eggs & beer bread
Mon. dinner:
frozen pizza (Guess who went to the store for cheese? #Joe)
Tues. lunch: Brussels sprouts with butter & toasted pita with hummus
Tues. dinner: spiedie wraps
Wed. lunch: roasted red pepper soup, an apple with fresh veggies to snack on
Wed. dinner: wine, pizza & flatbreads with lots of spreads & snacks
Thurs. lunch: delicata squash stuffed with leftover chickpea mash, quinoa & pepperjack
Thurs. dinner: 
cheesy garlic bread & roasted vegetables
Fri. lunch: delicata squash stuffed with leftover chickpea mash, quinoa & pepperjack
Fri. dinner: soup, baguette & cheese

chips & salsa, hummus & pita, sweet potatoes cookies, brownies


Organic Groceries from the Co-op ($60)
almond milk
3 red & orange bell peppers
fresh ginger
roasted red pepper soup
small can of tomato sauce
fresh peas
dried apricots
tortilla chips

Winter Market ($x)
delicata squash
Tomme cheese


  • box & that stupid plastic wrapper from a cardboard pizza
  • leftovers from eating out, which we put in the aluminum foil & then left on the table, wasting food and a to-go container
  • wrappers from a few snacks Joe & I got on our various campuses, in between teaching/attending class (aka reason #1972598742 why we can’t carry cash)
  • some kale that got crispy in the crisper (Is it possible that our fridge sucks all moisture out of food? How is that possible? It seems like even our ice cubes evaporate. I am not joking.)
  • beer bottles, wine bottles, pizza sauce bottles all tossed into a mountain of recycling
  • wrappers from cheeses
  • bags from chips & pita (from all that hummus eating)
  • lots of compost, which went in the trash this week–I feel gross about it, but our compost is all frozen in the back of the truck with nowhere to live at the moment. We’re struggling with keeping the winter compost going.

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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