// blogroll, please: the food //

hyperventalatinga .gif summary of my life at the moment: hyperventilation

An exchange student is blasting his mix of hard rock, Rock Band & classical music. My inbox is filled with meeting scheduling, problem fixing & job applying. My workout routine (with the exception of a Mon/Wed swim) & my social life are extinct. My facebook feed is a constant reminder of the fact that, unlike lots of people, I do not yet have a job after May 3.

The last week has been an emotional low point for me, making it a high point on the emotional abuse scale for Joe-Joe. (Also, I’ve given him this nickname? How is that fair? Poor guy.)

I’m reading about meditation. I’m making calming, cucumber- and ginger-infused water. I’m letting myself sleep in without stressing about what I’m not getting done. I’m reminding myself continuously that this stress is destroying me, physically & emotionally.

I’m giving myself some blog therapy, & I wanted to share my favorites with you. One of the things I miss most about life before graduate school was the amount of time I dedicated to reading the news. While that’s gradually slipped away, I give myself 15 minutes a day to click through pretty blogs. Here are my favorite food-focused spots on the web:

// happyolks // the girl: happy experimenting with food. the boy: happy capturing simple, comfortable photos. i love looking at this blog. i’ve tried a few recipes & was happy, but really… it just feels like home.

// joy the baker // she’s insanely popular, & it’s no wonder: she’s approachable, honest & adorable. a sweet friend got me her cookbook for christmas, & i’m really enjoying it. (because sweet potato chocolate chip cookies count as a breakfast food, right? they’re basically a muffin.)

// kelsey gone to seed // a girl i’ve met here is exploring food through her classes, film & adventures with her partner (a crazy talented, raw photographer).

// minimalist baker // minimal indeed–so few ingredients packing so much flavor. this blog is opening me up to a whole new world of baking with unexpected ingredients, fewer refined sugars, less flour & lots of fun.

// sprouted kitchen // another girl-cookin’, guy-clickin’ the camera duo. this one is a bit… well, still rustic, but somehow… fancier? (more expensive?) the pictures are gorgeous & inviting, and the recipes are nice for sharing with friends. when they say “a tastier take on whole foods,” they mean it.

// the vegan stoner // the illustrations & simple recipes (with pictures for ingredient lists) stole my heart. this blog is adorable & filled with unexpected treats from basic, inexpensive ingredients.

Two print pieces that have me even more excited than the blogs?

// kinfolk // i’ll be honest: i get really frustrated with the gorgeous kitchens & time so many “foodies” have to take rustic, inspirational vacations. it perpetuates the elitist feeling of the food movement. this magazine touches on that for me, but it’s also undeniably beautiful & pulls this movement into a gorgeous print medium. for that, i’m thankful.

// taproot // a humbler magazine that’s just entering its second year, taproot is so inviting to me. interesting themes pull together the content (from nonfiction to poetry to d.i.y.) in unexpected ways. a new favorite of mine, for sure.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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