week 7

v515_4Ok, so we did it again: we bought meat. But that one pound of meat was divided up between four meals, which is eight servings. Which is awesome. Just enough to add lots of flavor & a punch of protein without (a) making me sick to my stomach (b) costing much and (c) weighing us down with animal fats.

The grocery list is super long this week, but I wanted to represent what really happened, carefully. Just typing this out makes me realize how much we could cut back & simplify. We spent so much money on dairy this week. (Our pizza addiction will be the end of us!)

We’ve also started spending a bit more to keep some snacks on hand. We realize that we get hungry between meals… and then have nothing to munch on other than fruit… and then the fruits gone… and then we randomly buy something stupid when we’re out about town. I think this will be good, since we can grab some nice things from the co-op’s clearance section for next to nothing.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey or eggs & potatoes

Sat. lunch: a potluck at the Orchard‘s annual meeting
Sat. dinner: soup & great conversation at a friend’s house
Sun. lunch: deli sandwich & homework at the co-op (progress: no soda!)
Sun. dinner: cornbread & homemade chili
Mon. lunch: bounty rice & salad
Mon. dinner:
hummus-Havarti pizza with broccoli & a new episode of Girls (!!)
Tues. lunch: bounty rice
Tues. dinner: hmm… good question…
Wed. lunch: bounty rice
Wed. dinner: homemade pizza with greens
Thurs. lunch:
eggs & potatoes
Thurs. dinner:
frozen pizzas at midnight, when Joe finally got home from work
Fri. lunch: eggs & potatoes
Fri. dinner: frozen yogurt with friends, then a beer & cheese party

chips & salsa, almonds


Organic Groceries from the Co-op ($55)
3 cans of mixed chili beans
2 large cans of tomatoes
bell peppers
almond milk
tortilla chips
hot peppers
bags of chips for snacking
shredded cheese splurge

Winter Farmers’ Market ($20)
loose leaf lettuces
collard greens
1 lb. pork sausage
a new squash, whose name I forget

A Stock-up Trip to Aldi ($18)
3 bottles of wine (!!!)
vegetable oil
Havarti cheese
mozzarella cheese


  • lots of compost
  • plastic bags from bulk goods

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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