the food system

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to dig int a topic on the blog, but when I talk of the USDA green-lighting a version of corn & soy that can withstand heaving amounts of  2,4-D  starting swirling through my social media feed, I thought I’d return to the genetic modification topic.

I’m still a bit crestfallen about California’s Prop 37, which would have mandating labeling of foodstuffs containing genetically modified ingredients, just barely losing out. But it’s just barely losing & the 365,000 public comments that the USDA received in regards to the  2,4-D decision show that there is a major shift happening in public consciousness.

I have loads of homework to catch up on–much of it from my food, farming systems & global change class, which is teaching me loads of things I want to share with you here. So for now, I just wanted to share a few things that keep me passionate about working to create a more natural food system.

(1) The Non-GMO Project provides consumers with great information & safe food choices. Are many of these projects more expensive ?Yes, but this immediately goes back to a core principle of mine: You use your dollars to show your ethics. Increased spending on healthy food means less available funds for the junk foods you don’t need anyway. If you don’t want to eliminate a processed food from your diet, try finding a non-GMO version of it.

(2) Why are those processed foods so cheap in the first place? Because our current system subsidizes commodities (and increasingly corn & soy due to their biofuel potential) over “specialty crops” (our fruits and vegetables). Here are 9 facts about the food industry that could inspire to you use your dollars to increase demand for healthier foods & more fair markets for farmers.



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