week 4

v515_4Okay, no time to chat this week! I’m busy getting all sorts of fun recipe posts ready for this blog in the coming week. We’ve been really missing France, and I want to bring more of the Francophile back to this blog.

It’s the last week of vacation, & it’s launched me into a serious funk. I have failed at cooking, but I’ve made lots of plans for next week. In the mean time, we lived off of frozen soups, dates at the co-op and–I know, I kn0w–pizza.

Have a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to resume normal blogging practices next week. Bring it on 2013! I’m actually excited for classes & work to start again. I need a reason to put on real clothes.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey or pumpkin bread or juice* & toasted homemade bread

Sat. lunch:
burritos & Izze soda** at Bloomingfoods
Sat. dinner:
sausage & potato pockets (calzone-style deliciousness)
Sun. lunch: sausage & potato pockets
Sun. dinner: Thai carrot soup & homemade bread
Mon. lunch & dinner: the last ordered pizza with a side of nacho cheese
Tues. lunch: broccoli/carrot stir fry
Tues. dinner: potato soup & homemade bread
Wed. dinner: frozen pizza–I’m not proud, but it happened.
Thurs. lunch: flatbread pizza
Thurs. dinner:
left overs from all week
Fri. lunch:
broccoli/carrot stir fry
Fri. dinner: red beans & rice with avocado, cheddar cheese & sour cream

*My favorite combo: 1/4 yellow bell pepper + 3 carrots + 1 medium apple + 1/2 a large navel orange

**Holy Moses! Izze has two servings of fruit in each bottle. OF SODA. Winning.

chai, Christmas cookies & candies from my mom, chips & salsa/hummus, pumpkin bread


Winter Farmers’ Market ($0)
Trying to bounce back from a Friday night return home, we completely forgot about Saturday market. Sadness.

Co-op ($70)
tortilla chips
spicy black bean hummus
bleu cheese-stuffed olives
Cheddar cheese
bell pepper
2 lbs. potatoes
4 burritos + 4 fancy sodas + 4 sides = dates at the co-op!
almond flour
frozen pizza
grapefruit juice


  • lots of compost
  • wrapping from the sausage, trashed
  • packaging from the prosciutto & almond flour
  • containers from juice & milk, recycled
  • box (recycled) & plastic wrap (trashed) from the frozen pizza
  • part of two bowls of soup I couldn’t finish (too spicy!), trashed
  • several plastic bags from using up bulk ingredients
  • lots of tiny plastic containers & soda bottles from our date & pizza, recycled

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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