the year so far

I’ve been reflecting on the future of this blog a lot. Like, a lot. Because I have this week off from school, and while getting a lot of last-minute work done I’m distracting myself with social media. I’m trying to stick with my wide-open resolution to be more positive & more “with myself” through eliminating the negative points & giving myself more time. Here’s what’s happened so far:

I got my coat, gloves, lipstick & cell phone stolen. Right after the ball dropped on New Year’s. I snowballed into a really unadorable rage ball. Kickin’ off the year right. In the end, we found a way to replace the phone for free. I’m working on forgiving the universe.

I got back into both tumblrs: my fun, owl/bunny/tea-filled one & the agriculture-focused public question. I even went a bit crazy on Pinterest, which was mostly driven by my desire to drink an irresponsible amount of gin.

I went on a date with my husband, while buying groceries at co-op. (They have a great deli/dining room, and it’s a glorious little hang out.) We successfully avoided more processed foods. (For us, 90% of the time this means ordering pizza.)

I worked out. TWICE. I have extra motivation: my sister & I are doing a 30-day challenge. Right now, my legs hurt… and my toes feel really far away.

I had a chat with a good friend about the degree to which we judge our lives by comparing them to others. We’re both working on it, and it feels good to know another person is working on this. I feel good. I feel more honest with myself. Do we all do this? How hard is it to just feel joy? For me, it’s so frequently cut short by this punch of dread–Am I doing something wrong? Or, if talking about my own source of joy, am I bragging?

I’ve baked breads & read the news. I’ve worked on drinking water. I’ve consumed at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables. So far, I’m dominating this year. Now, here are some smaller goals I’ve set for the year:

  1. Get to know my camera better. I want to invest in more lenses someday, but I really want to learn more technical skills & work my way through everything. Also, I want to buy film for my Holga again. I miss that.
  2. Drink water. Not a certain amount. But go back to the Good Old Days of always having a glass of water around. I really, really rely on coffee too much. Tonic water does not count as water, Megan.
  3. Write every day. Every. single. day. Not blogging. Real writing. Dig back into things that matter. And don’t let school get in the way. Actually, that bit goes with everything: don’t let school cause stress. It’s just some classes. Some reading. Some papers. Nothing to get worked up about.
  4. Dig back into French & France. I know I said the goal is 90% vegetarian, so I want that extra 10% to be glorious French recipes, especially the fun adaptations of them in Bon Appétit, Y’all or recipes that come from Lorraine & Alsace. Also, keep renting French movies from the library… only start watching them instead of just paying late fees.

Any thoughts on sticking to goals? I want to say I’m getting better at making time for myself while also keeping my apartment clean & my e-mail inbox in top shape… but that may just be due to the fact that I haven’t gone to school in >2 weeks.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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