vacation at home

Christmas_2012Phew. Last night, Joe & I got back home after spending the holiday with my family. It was an amazing visit: the last before my little sister is traveling home from college for the holidays. Seems impossible.

Today, I was determined to get a head start on 2013. We spent some Christmas money on home improvements, from kitchen rugs to cute highball glasses. We un-Christmased the apartment & cleaned out the storage closet–except the tree. Neither of us is ready to kill the tree. We vacuumed for at least 20 minutes. (How does a rabbit’s bedding get all over everything? I even had to vacuum myself–as in literally vacuum pine shavings off my person.)

It’s 9:11. I’m behind on the to-do list (which may or may not be directly related to how many Batman movies we’ve watched since arriving home last night), but we had a pretty tasty dinner & have homemade bread in the oven. And as of 9:10, I have text books in the mail for my last semester of school. Now, we have seven glorious days & a clean apartment ahead of us before the spring semester. There is nearly a foot of snow outside; I have thick wool socks on; my to-do list is in progress; there is a large supply of chai, wine & booze in the apartment (Merry Christmas, us!). This. will be. awesome.

Hope you all have some wonderful plans for New Year’s Eve. I have high hopes to share with you & forget about by February. 2013 is going to be an epic year. I can feel it.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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