week 3

v515_4Name of the game: clear the cabinets. To limit grocery spending this week, we went back to our random collection of Asian food ingredients,  dried beans & grains. Joe & I both have jobs on the academic calendar, so while December & January allow for a lot of reading & family time… it’s stressful.

After lots of time out with friends, we’re trying to be extra economical, which means enjoying all the flavors of winter & figuring out how to use up what we have on hand. (Any idea what to do with an entire can of pimiento peppers? I grabbed them from the clearance section months ago without reading the label, thinking they were roasted tomatoes.) Fortunately, we have pounds and pounds of storage squash on hand–filling, nutritious meals that are largely hands-off. Score.

This is posted early (usually meant to be a Sunday tradition), but we’re heading out to begin the Christmas celebrations today. Meals will be largely out of our control, so I’m stopping with our brunch, which I’m getting ready to make now.


Breakfast: toast & apple butter or oatmeal with honey and apples

Sun. lunch:
spaghetti squash with homemade pasta sauce & chickpea balls
Sun. dinner:
pumpkin soup | apples & peanut butter, cheese & crackers
Mon. lunch: home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ greens, garlic & green onions
Mon. dinner: quinoa-stuffed carnival squash & spicy chickpeas
Tues. lunch: pumpkin soup & salad (beets, apples, kale, blue cheese)
Tues. dinner: red beans & rice with homemade salsa
Wed. lunch: Thai carrot soup & naan
Wed. dinner: red beans & rice with homemade salsa
Thurs. lunch: home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ greens, garlic & green onions

chai, pumpkin hand pies, Christmas cookies, roasted chestnuts


Winter Farmers’ Market ($19.50)
dozen eggs, $4.50
garlic, $1
butternut squash, $2
basil, $2.50
kale, $2.50
Swiss chard, $3
bleu cheese, $4

Co-op ($30)
almond milk
large can of whole tomatoes
5-pound bag of onions
sweet & hot peppers
2 lbs. potatoes
whole wheat flour
frozen fruit
frozen spinach



  • lots of compost
  • lots of other stuff I can’t remember

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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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