week 2

v515_4Ouch. This week took a significant bite out of our budget. I’m trying not to worry about it. But I’m failing. I won’t talk about it here, and I won’t complain–after a long semester of not going out with friends, we had holiday drinks & dates with, well, lots of them in the past few days. It’s been lovely. But it also meant eating away from home a significant amount. Yesterday was one big holiday extravaganza. I will say, up to that point we’d been managing to make really tasty, inexpensive food choices. But once again, we ordered a pizza…

We ordered even more pizza last year, and paid even more for it. We’ve gotten much better at scoping out great deals, limiting our toppings & making the whole thing count for two meals. That way, breaking it own we’re only paying an average of $4/serving. That’s cheaper than a meal at McDonald’s, so I forgive us. Mostly.

That said, I ate a cheeseburger yesterday–a really tasty burger at a local shop that buys local meat and has a million topping combinations. (Overwhelming amounts, almost.) I spent the rest of the day feeling a bit sick. So today, we’re starting a “detox.” I’m getting back into yoga, centering myself around things that mean the most to me and limiting the amount of processed foods. I’m excited to share the economical ways we’re finding to make great food. (Like using up five pounds of carrots before they get mushy.)


Breakfast: toast & apple butter or oatmeal with honey and apples

Sat. lunch:
home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ greens, garlic & green onions
Sat. dinner:
sautéed broccoli & carrots with rice noodles
Sun. lunch:
home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ greens, garlic & green onions
Sun. dinner:
cheese pizza
Mon. lunch: sandwiches out while waiting for the truck to get fixed
Mon. dinner: home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ greens, garlic & green onions
Tues. lunch: nachos & burritos out with friends
Tues. dinner: pumpkin soup topped with sour cream & homemade bread
Wed. lunch: no idea–I ate everything in sight, in a writing-my-last-final haze
Wed. dinner: pizza
Thurs. lunch: pizza
Thurs. dinner: egg sandwiches with avocado & tomato
Fri. lunch: egg sandwiches with avocado & tomato
Fri. dinner: pumpkin soup topped with sour cream & homemade bread

Christmas cookies, gingerbread, chai, this horribleness that keeps finding its way into my hands


CSA (average $30/week)
loads of carrots
mustard greens
honey on the comb
pink lady apples
apple cider syrup
another pint of persimmon pulp (! ! !)
pie pumpkin

Winter Farmers’ Market ($26)
2 lbs. potatoes, $5.50 (which felt super expensive)
large head of broccoli, $2.50
bunch carrots, $3
dozen eggs, $4.50
a really large, unusual radish, $0.50
Swiss chard, $2.50
green onions, $1.50
habañero cheddar cheese, $6

Co-op ($30)
1 lb. bulk walnuts
1 lb. locally roasted coffee
pasta sauce
sour cream
loaf of bread
1 tomato
1 avocado



  • breadsticks, leftover from a pizza ordered waaay too late in the day
  • old pasta, found in the back of the fridge
  • bags & twist-ties from bulk aisle goods (only those torn or otherwise unable to be reused)
  • plastic jug from our milk, recycled
  • several bottles from beer & wine, recycles
  • foil & wrappings from bringing home a burrito
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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