week 1

v515_4So, here we are. My class project has wrapped up, but I’m trying to continue this tracking of our food waste. We’re really trying to limit what comes home with us from the store, and this week was a mixed bag: impulsively ordering a pizza (after we’d eaten dinner), buying tacos out after getting drinks with friends… and I couldn’t even bring myself to include those here.

This week has been a terrible roller coaster emotionally. I’m a hot mess as stress builds for finals, and I’m continuing to distract myself from studying–with work, personal projects & our somehow endlessly unorganized apartment. I’m getting back to that–before my computer locks up again, another stresser that, honestly, has probably been worst for Joe (since he has to watch me freak out & then catches the brunt of my anger). Here’s budget update #1, and I’ll return for our regularly scheduled programming Wednesday afternoon.


Breakfast: toast & apple butter or oatmeal with honey and apples

Sat. lunch:
home fries & scrambled eggs chock full o’ blue kale, radishes, garlic & green onions
Sat. dinner:
Sun. lunch:
slices of cheese, apple, carrots & radish with cracker & almond
Sun. dinner: leftover homemade chicken noodle soup
Mon. lunch: more homemade noodle soup
Mon. dinner: roasted sweet potato, carrots, hakurei turnips, radishes & green onion with sautéed hakurei turnip greens & apple-radish salad
Tues. lunch: leftover rice & veggies
Tues. dinner: roasted butternut squash & penne with homemade pesto
Wed. lunch: leftover butternut squash pasta
Wed. dinner: roasted turnips & carrots, beet & apple salad with blanched collard greens
Thurs. lunch: rice with sautéed green onion, carrots & broccoli
Thurs. dinner: pizza
Fri. lunch: rice with sautéed green onion, carrots & broccoli
Fri. dinner: pizza

vegan pumpkin cookies, chai, chips & homemade salsa, almonds, cheese & crackers, apple cider


CSA (average $30/week)
blue kale
mustard greens
pink lady apples
apple cider
green onions

Winter Farmers’ Market ($26)
bunch hakurei turnips, $1
two heads broccoli, $3.50
bunch carrots, $3
2 large turnips, $1
2 bulbs garlic, $2
dozen eggs, $4.50
2 lb. spaghetti squash, $2.50
Swiss chard, $2
green onions, $1.50
Tomme cheese, $5

Co-op ($30–mostly for cooking dinner for a friend)
1 lb. bulk almonds
tortilla chips
[1 lb bulk penne, walnuts, wine, lemon juice, fresh parsley]



  • 2 bowls of noodle soup that went completely rancid
  • some plastic bags from buying things in bulk
  • bread sticks from our pizza
  • plastic cups, cardboard, etc. from ordering pizza–why can’t we stop doing this?
  • lots of compost

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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