tis the season

It’s here. The time of hear when I get to move a candy cane across an advent calendar & tick away the days until Christmas.

It’s December. Whichever winter holiday you celebrate, I hope you’re eagerly anticipating it. I hope you have a big mug of your favorite warm drink, a nice blanket & a sprinkling of snow.

I had a similar post last year, & my sentiments are very much the same. I never quite recovered from Thanksgiving break (which is why I have THREE papers to write TODAY). I never did look for seasonal work–too much traveling–and don’t intend to this year. Don’t fool yourself: I did make an equally large to-do list. This year, my spirits are higher. 2013 has a lot of promise for us, & I want to bring it in right: by closing this year with a December that’s cheery, gracious & focused on the long-term rather than the terrifying short-term details (like finding a job & this hours-away paper deadlines).



About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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One Response to tis the season

  1. momilbyMark says:

    Amen. A good attitude. Looking for temp work over the holidays has to be the worst idea ever.

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