giving thanks

Chef’s Secret: All good meals start with a cat apron.

Saturday night, we had the opportunity to have Second Thanksgiving with a couple who has quickly come to mean a lot to us. It was a wonderful night, as we planned our next food adventures–from dreams of farm-to-table restaurants to fears as we begin job searches in industries where opportunities abound but salaries do not.

Our friends prepared us a full-blown, fully-local Thanksgiving on a grad student budget. I feel completely spoiled. Like many of my favorite meals, we started with cheese……moved on to all the flavors of late fall: sweet potatoes with kale, roasted chicken with rosemary, toasty Brussels sprouts (a Betz family favorite)…

v515_31…washed it all with Joy the Baker’s creamy pumpkin bars


…and then spent 20 minutes trying to take this picture. #selftimercrisis


My face rightly screams, “I don’t know what’s happening–I just fell onto the couch!” Those other calm faces have helped me get through an emotionally trying semester. To walk into their warm apartment & be greeted by such a great meal was the perfect way to spend the last bit of break before a Sunday blur of homework.

We had great talks about the future of our food system, and the role we each hope to have in that future. I think, more than my academic studies, the people Bloomington has brought to my life have shaped me & given me what I needed most.

Now, onward to the end of this semester (feeling very much like this)! This week, I’ll be posting my final wrap-ups & last budget update on Project V515, then will move back to la francofile for good. Home sweet home!


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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