week 4: why it matters

Yesterday, we harvested our first radish. It was tiny; it was beautiful; and it was ours. We took a bit of time yesterday to harvest all of our peppermint, weed & put down some more fall seed (spinach, radish, carrot).

This was our first attempt at direct-seeding fall crops–the first round went out a few weeks ago. Spinach & carrot sprouts are going strong. We’re really enjoying it, especially as the weather turns crisp & puts on its gorgeous autumn jacket.

This was also my first time ordering seeds (open-pollinating, organic seeds from Johnny’s). I spent hours pouring over which varieties were best in our region, which we could harvest quickly, which had been around & proven their value. (Most importantly, which would hold up to a first-year gardening couples’ ineptitude?)

The history of seeds, how we pick them & how they avoid becoming a “weed” is what initially interested me in gardening. Michael Pollan’sThe Botany of Desire was the book that got me really thinking on it. Is it possible that plants trick us into planting them? Are we subject to their alluring botany?

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About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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2 Responses to week 4: why it matters

  1. I love your “about”. Good luck with the part about putting those things into the context of your life . . . I think I am still trying.

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