week 3: limiting packaging

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends about our zero-waste diet. How do we get enough to eat, if we’re not buying packaged food? What will we do in winter, when we try to eat exclusively from the winter farmers’ market? How will we cook some of our favorite dishes that involve tricky ingredients, like coconut milk? What do you do at restaurants or when people invite you to dinner? When your with family?

It’s been interesting so far, and we haven’t yet faced a lot of these questions. This week, we’re clearing out the pantry–the last of our canned tomatoes (from the store), some of our packaged pasta, coconut milk, the remaining canned beans. There will be some conveniences going out the window rather quickly.

My favorite part of the week is Saturday morning–heading to the farmers’ market, walking around with Joe, then coming home & immediately putting some food to work. This week, it was roasting squash for squash-cinnamon rolls that need made, making pesto, mixing up some salsa, drying tomatoes, making tomato paste, preparing pasta salad for this week’s lunches… and washing a lot of produce.

While I love dedicating my Saturdays to food preparation, there are some things that I just run out of time for. We cannot feasibly knead & bake & store all the kinds of bread we’d like to have. I can’t make granola and crackers and granola bars–for now, we’re eating smoothies or oatmeal & snacking on nuts. Sure, there are things we love that we’re doing without. It’s taking time to figure out what can be made & what just isn’t worth the effort. But we’re also starting to rely on healthier, simpler snacks & meals.

We made some beautiful food this week & generated some lovely compost materials… and then there was the Weekly Epic Failure. Okay, there were two.

To read about this week’s failures, click over to project v515. Exciting: I’ll be posting my recipe for ratatouille here tomorrow. Last night’s was by far the best I’ve made, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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