the project

Okay, okay. I know. I’m always starting projects. Bear with me.

This semester, I’m taking a sustainable communities class. We’re each responsible for blogging the class experience, including one big, semester-long personal project. The project is of our choosing, an action we can take to bring our lives closer to what we feel “sustainable communities” are all about. Check out my project V515 blog’s about page for more information.

A surprise to no one, I’ve chosen to focus on food. Without rehashing too much of the post here, I’ll say this: Joe & I will be going on a zero-waste diet. (This means I really need to start eating those pickled beans & okra…) Here’s an excerpt:

My husband & I are constantly challenging ourselves to lower the impact of our diet, from growing more of our own food to buying all organic produce (on a strict budget) to keep more food from the trash. We’ve even played with being more vegan. We’re having fun with it, getting to know wonderful farmers & finally feeling our hands dig into the earth–something that feels to trace straight to the marrow of our bones. (We’re both from farming families & hadn’t grown a thing until this year.)

Then recently, I found two things. (1) Americans toss out as much as 40 percent of their food. Thing of the landfill space, the methane*, the money & the potential hungry bellies filled–all of it. Wasted. (2) A woman feeds her family of four on One Hundred Dollars A Month with almost negative amounts of waste*. (She saves pounds of food from the trash each week.) Talk about motivation.

For this project, I’ve decided to take our food consumption to the ultimate level: I want a Zero-Waste Diet. No more plastic bags for produce & bulk goods. No more delicious frozen pizzas in their sinful plastic wrapper. More glass storage. More pickling. More compost.

Read the rest at project V515. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I’m going to!


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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