2 years down…

Ok, so vacation was great. The conference was great–I learned so much about what wonderful, motivated people all across the country are doing to bring fresh, local food into school cafeterias & institutions.

Then, things went to Hell. I was set to have an eight-hour layover in LaGuardia (in a series of flights that took me from Burlington to D.C. to LaGuardia to Philadelphia to home). It turned into a 30-hour sleepover with everyone headed to Philadelphia. I finally got home yesterday evening, & it took all I had to stay awake long enough to shower.

I’m still recovering.

Today is our second anniversary. Two years ago at this time, we were dancing with our friends & family, celebrating the start of an incredible adventure.

In the past two years, Joe & I have had the chance to see loads of things… And planning for the next phase of our life after this final year of graduate school is incredibly exciting. We’ve made big strides this year–from investing (!!) to investing in our food values to learning how we balance “chores” with multiple jobs. We’re learning what we can live without. We’re learning what we’ll always splurge on.

I can’t wait to share some of the conference that I attended with you in my next post. For today, I’m going to eat vegan pie we found at the store until I can’t move. This is our first all-vegan day.

I’m doing that thing where I’m determined to feel really good about August. Better diet. Better attitude. Better, more targeted uses of my energy. We’ve all heard this before, right? But it feels different this time. We’re going into Year Three, & everything just feels… good.

Have a great night. Thanks for your patience. I hope your August is also off to a great start. Loads of us are starting school soon, so good luck & don’t spend too much money on books. More tomorrow.


About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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