heck of a harvest

This is a terrible picture. I’m so sorry. There are all kinds of reasons for it–the battery in the real camera is dead; I was too excited to wait; it’s too hot to let lettuce hang around on the kitchen table while I play Food Photog. I’ll return to the cost of organic next time, but today I am just so excited I couldn’t wait to post. It was a big day.

Well, today is a lot of things. Hot, for one. Currently 88 degrees–and that’s the interior temperature–as we reach the afternoon of Day 3 Without Air Conditioning. Baby Bunny & I are both sprawled across the floor. Moving, breathing, eating & thinking as little as possible.

I went to work today excited just to have a few hours in air conditioning. Excited that I would come home to an air conditioner that is not nearly old enough to  be my parent. (I originally typed that without the ‘nearly’, then realize that 35 year-old air conditioner isn’tthat much older than me. Then I felt far too adult. Man.) Needless to say, neither the air conditioner or the man to install it have arrived. I’m home early, to take care of some thing on my computer, & I want to die.

Maybe this is why the small things have felt so good today. Like ice that melts so fast you get awesomely cold water without having to wait. (Reframing.) Like starting Animal, Vegetable, Miracle & knowing it would be my best friend after just 5 pages. Like biking all the way up the hill to work while still sitting down. Like finding the first squash of the season, making it the first squash Joe & I have ever grown.

Check out that bounty! Nasturtium blossoms & leaves for a spicy, cool salad for the Fourth.  Crazy lettuce that is still deciding to grow in this heat (maybe because I never let the pour thing bolt & be a fully-grown plant). More jalapeños (that look, well, less than appetizing in the phot0). More tomatoes. Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme. I even saw a baby eggplant! Unfortunately, I also saw loads of tiny, red squash bug eggs.

This has all led me on some pretty serious soul, err, Google searching. Here’s a summary:

  • What is this bug on a squash? (Answer: Eeh. The squash bug.)
  • How do I kill the squash bug? (Answer: Death by dish soap suffocation, baby! This is on the Betz Family To Do List for the holiday. Jealous?)
  • What do I do with these UFO-shaped squash that I’m growing? (Answer: Well, we planted three… so all of these things! And yes, they’re called “flying saucer squash” or scallop or Patty Pan. Gardening is endlessly awesome.)
  • How do I cool down without air conditioning? (Answer: LOLz. Yeah right. The best bet, which some of my friends live by, is top open everything at night, use fans to pull in cool air, then shut everything in the early morning. Victorian-era cooling. But try as we might, the temperature will not drop below 80–then I watch it climb through the day. Here are some other ideas.)
  • How do I keep my dwarf bunny cool? (Answer: Lots of fan. Lots of fresh water. Lots of ice. This post also had a cute video, which led to a lot of cut dwarf bunny videos, which is the best kind of video.)

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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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