Tomato Tuesday

The garden?


I’ve been meaning to share pictures all along, but things were just looking so sad that I didn’t want to post them. Now, things are crazy! Our tomatoes are living in contraptions that are multiple cages stacked together–they grew taller than expected, so I had to somehow add another one. It took some serious fenagling, but they seem to be enjoying the added space. Check them out:



Eggplants, after recovering from a flea beetle attack

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes (hybrid)

Early Girl (hybrid)

Cherokee Purple (heirloom)

Three Squash Plants (woops…)

We have loads of green tomatoes, which we’ll be turning into this green tomato sauce. I also got a box of quart-sized canning jars–something I never thought I’d own. I’m just realizing now how many tomatoes three plants gives you… Any favorite tomato-filled recipes you’d like to pass along?


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5 Responses to Tomato Tuesday

  1. Joe Betz says:

    We have so many tomatoes! The Cherokee Purple variety are really good–and the sauce from them was awesome

  2. thebakeandbrew says:

    Ooh I love the picture of your sungold cherry tomatoes. I think my two favorite way to use tomatoes in the summertime are caprese salad, and gazpacho. So so good, and so so easy.

    • meganbetz says:

      Mmmm caprese. I’m going to play with some nut-based cheeses & see how they play out with basil & balsamic. (Feel like I’ll cave in and eat loads of cheese instead.)

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