just some quick things

So, I just want to take a moment and give a big kudos to people who work eight hours a day & still have a life. I underestimated the three-job summer. It’s not so much the jobs as the keeping up on where I was at each one & commuting between them.

Adult Life is so filled with lame things! Paying bills. Waiting a month & then going to the bank to request a new pin number. Cleaning. Trips to Goodwill. Getting to a point where you can see the living room floor again. Making the bed. Patting the bunny. Remembering to feed the bunny. Watering the garden. Being sunburnt & tired & behind.

I’ve been scrambling today, driving around in a truck that has no air conditioning. Naturally, I made it up to myself with a cyclone from the ice cream place around the corner. Let’s pretend I didn’t say that last part & I’m still doing really well with the whole vegan thing.

So, I think I’m ready. I’m heading out of town this weekend, back home to Ohio for the first time since Thanksgiving. I’m renting a car, turning on a book on tape & then playing Slip N Slide with my sister. #vacationI will have so much air conditioning.

Over the weekend, check out some fun websites:

  • That’s Quirky is a really fun tumblr by a Bloomington couple–love the recipes & layout.
  • I think that Obama has the best branding & marketing of any politicians in the history of ever. Check out his tumblr. Swoon.
  • I’m supposed to be preparing for a 5k run. (Instead, I eat ice cream.) A friend pointed me toward Cool Running, to help me get in gear. Now, I just need an interval timer. I’m going to give this app a go, then get tired of it & order this one.
  • Desserts for Breakfast is (1) the best idea ever & (2) filled with gorgeous photography.
  • Lost Type Co-op! Gorgeous typography & design. Free downloads. Tons for your eyes to feast on.
  • Fabric.com about made me lose my mind. Go DIY crazy.

About meganbetz

human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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