more on food preservation

Last week, I posted that we’re trying some simple food preservation methods to reduce our grocery waste. Since then, I’ve tried a few more things. Like pickling. Never in my life did I think I’d pickle anything. For any reason.

Last year, Joe & I got a bunch (une boîte) of radishes each time we went to market. The radishes had a mild spice & were easy to snack on–especially when dipped in butter, then salt. Aaaand then put on a slice of baguette. We were told it was a classic French amuse-bouche (a one-bite hors d’oeuvre). We ate it for lunch.

For some reason, this year radishes don’t have the same pizzazz. We get them & have every intention of eating them quickly. Instead, they sit in the fridge for days. We just grew… tired. So before wasting any more radishes, I decided to try something new: my first experience with pickling.

And outside, you can see our Topsy Turvy with a few baby tomatoes!

I found a simple bread-and-butter radish recipe, which sounded interesting & has proved quite tasty. An easy way to eat about a radish a day & still consume them before before they go bad. Luckily, there is no actual “canning” (pressure, hot water, etc.) involved. It’s a small batch that can go right in the fridge.

It turns out that keeping a few kinds of vinegar on hand basically saves your life. They’re inexpensive, perfect for all dressings, a great home cleaner & key to pickling. Quadruple threat.

When we got back in town last night, I ground some ginger & prepped some ginger ale. I figured if it doesn’t kill us, it’ll save us money on our splurge soda (this fancy-pants unfiltered ginger ale we found at the store that is gloriously spicy) & teach us a bit about fermentation before Adventure in Home Brewing someday. We followed this simple recipe, & I love FENNEC’s recommendations for ways to change the flavor around. So far, so good, if you can get past all the scary floating bits.

Try it! Or look in the fridge, find what looks the most wilted & give a go at pickling it. Let me know how it goes!


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