profiteroles | cream puffs

This weekend is definitely one for the record books, finally bursting out of my slump & back into full productivity-mode. Planting new peppers & daisy-ish things to replace the aphid-ridden peas that have stopped producing; making hummus, salsa, salads, new dinner recipes & several desserts; going through the last of our pictures from France, moments that I’m excited to share in the coming week.

Along with all the productivity–even making myself work as much as I needed to–was my first adventure with what may be the most recognizable pastry. In France, they’re profiteroles, served warm with gooey ice cream, served cool with fresh cream & thick ganache or topped with a flowing chocolate sauce like the recipe I used from Joy the Baker.

I intended to use the same choux pastry recipe as in my eclairs recipe. Choux is choux, after all. And that’s the joy of baking–it’s learning a series of techniques that can be combined in endless ways. But this recipe (& volume) were perfect for what I needed. Plus, she walks you through a wonderful description of what’s happening with the pastry while you’re working.

Rather than her grated strawberry, I added the zest of two lemons. I also left off the chocolate sauce for a lighter, more summertime flavor. Though if I needed a topping, I think I’d go back to my simple ganache.

What’s left of these (after Joe & I’ve taken turns to sneak a few from the fridge) are going to a picnic with us tomorrow. Good thing, or I’d end up eating an entire bowl of whipped cream in a span of two days.

Joe & I rarely splurged on dessert when eating out last year, but one of my favorite meals was a time when I got him to cave in. The Monday after Easter, when all the restaurants were still serving lamb in the most incredible cream sauces, we were still in Montpellier. We had a few hours between rain storms & before our train, so we stopped for a meal & a slow glass of wine from an outdoor table with a view of the cathedral. I insisted we get dessert, & out came three jumbo-sized profiteroles, each stuffed with a different flavor of ice cream then covered in a thick layer of ganache. I’m surprised I didn’t pick up the plate & lick it clean.

The process is far less time-consuming than other pastries, & the joy of fresh whipped cream is second to none. Please, take a summer afternoon, put some coffee on ice & enjoy a few of these. You’ll remember the experience.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


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  1. thebakeandbrew says:

    These. look. amazing.

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