the Monday post

Life is hard. I’m trying to keep on track, but today has been a mess! Monday morning, I’m like:

Then, in the afternoon when I realize that I’m totally screwed, and I’m all like:

I’m trying to do that whole one-thing-at-a-time mindset. Luckily, I have fun things like this to distract me:

Fun Thing #1: NRDC has a really great Local Food app for free on your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, but I pretend I do. I use my iPod touch & make a scrunchy face like I’m doing something important. It mostly works. Anyway, Wendy Gordon wrote about the app on onearth. It’s a great way to stay connected to your local food system. I’m posting that & all other kinds of fun, food-related things at publicquestion, my food policy-focused tumblr.

Fun Thing #2: A friend is having a potluck this Wednesday–my one social activity for the week, which I am very, very excited about. As usual, I’m bringing desserts. I’m excited to share my experience making a  healthy key lime pie & a simple profiteroles (cream puffs) recipe in Saturday’s “being French” post.

In even more baking news, I invested in a madeleine pan & a rectangular tart pan. I’ve been anxious to get back to this part of the blog this summer, & I can’t wait to share some simple, savory-sweet (sucré-salé) tarts with you!

Fun Thing #3: Books! I know, I know. I said I was done buying them for a while, but these are the first two I’ve purchased all year. I see them as investments in the type of life Joe & I want to live. One, Urban Homesteading, is full of skills, tips & best practices for living sustainably & increasing your self-sufficiency. Joe is in love with survival skills & has a good time imagining how he’d save me from a zombie apocalypse–so the book is really fun for the whole family. Listen to the interests it addresses:

Concerned about climate change and peak oil? Thinking about localizing your food sources? Wondering how to manage water, waste and energy better? Trying to raise your children with positive, life-centered values? Interested in community building and local self-reliance? Looking for resources for taking care of yourself while taking care of the world?

The second book is Local Dollars, Local Sense. I blame my dad for this one. He’s always been teaching himself about finances & investment options, & I always thought they sounded so boring. I got smacked in the face with maturity today, when I saw this page and shouted, “Oh, neat!” As a woman whose long-time dream has been to own a café with a giant garden, I feel like this is a pretty good book to start with. As readers who are concerned about sustainability, which encourages smaller buying circles, it could be a really interesting read for you as well.


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