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A while ago, I mentioned that you could take a big step toward ec0-friendly driving just by limiting your idles to 10 seconds or less. If you’re at all like us, you’re realizing that another big step isn’t too far away: new car shopping.

Back in April, Paul Stenquist addressed the issues facing us, in our varied locales, when looking for the most environmentally conscious car. In one NY Times article, we learn that our most efficient option changes based on things like altitude, our state’s main energy source & the kind of driving we do. By the end, I honestly felt like I was in a lose-lose situation. He provided a bit of a bounce-back with another piece. Here’s what he had to say:

But even in places with the dirtiest electric power supply, driving an electric car can provide environmental benefits. For example, vehicle owners in Colorado, where the electric utilities burn primarily coal and generate a large quantity of greenhouse gases, can provide their own clean electricity with a rooftop solar array.

That can be expensive, but available utility-company rebate programs can reduce purchase costs…[By] replacing much of the home’s power requirements with solar when it is available, the overall carbon footprint is reduced.

It’s complicated. As is the real math behind miles per gallon. Rather than getting into the real explanation on that (dealing with nonlinear relationships that mean swapping out a 17 mph vehicle for a 25 mph vehicle has a much larger impact that swapping out a 30 mph for a 40 mph), here’s a site that helps us with the tricky stuff.

Sift through all of it, including taking into account your where you live & the kind of driving you do, with the Clean Car Calculator. Now, you’re only comparing high-efficiency options here. Our poor truck isn’t listed. But it is a valuable tool. I hope it helps, & I’d love to hear your results as you click around through some options!

I’ll be back on track with posts tomorrow around dinner time, sharing what I’m sure will be two summer classics in the eat-line-a-real-adult category: creamy pasta & kale with radish & salad turnip salad. For now, we’re heading out for burgers. That’s right. We’re still a work-in-progress, but it’s a Pacers’ game & I’ve made him sit through loads of Modern Family over the past few months. It’s only fair.


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