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It’s finals week. I shouldn’t even be here right now, but I swear. If I read about the differences between average tax rates and effective tax rates one more time, I’ll dig out my eyeballs.

So here I am, stopping by for a quick post. I’ve started doing some preparations for the summer, like making a massive shopping list for craft and gardening supplies (hello book shelves) and editing all the content on my Pinterest. I’m doing a lot of thinking about the summer, & I’m getting excited about a lot of mini-adventures I’ll get to share here. What got me so excited? A few awesome blogs. Here’s a sampling:

  1. The Vegan Stoner: Not only are these stoned vegetables adorable, but the illustrations are brilliant & the recipes are really simple. I’m considering a vegan experiment this summer. Joe is moderately on-board, so this website could be a good resource. I recommend it, especially the falafel pie, which was what first drew me to the site. (Their design site, Simple Gestures, is pretty great, too.)
  2. Mark Bittman: His opinion posts about food policy & agriculture on the NY Times are just the tip of the iceberg. The blog digs deeper into our food culture, food sources, recipes & big foodies–and we’re talking Wendell Barry not Anthony Bourdain.It’s great for education & cooking. Two for one!
  3. C’est la Vegan: This one got me, obviously. Moving past the French pun, the recipes seem packed with energy & simple ingredients. What I love is that the recipes don’t have to be vegan. Sub in your cheese, queso or butter & the recipes will work largely the same. Remember: recipes are really about texture & proportions. If you’re keeping those comparable, you’re in the clear. What I extra love about the blog is that she had a vegan pregnancy: she stayed healthy & safe while providing all the nutrients her baby need. (Proof it’s possible!)
  4. Post Punk Kitchen: Another vegan blog that seems to be on everyone’s favorites list. Unfortunately, this one relies a lot more on specialty ingredients. I think it’ll be fun to look at the pictures, search for a special occasion meal & be inspired… but it’s not your everyday resource blog (at least, not for my everyday life). It is a good source if you’re looking for homemade meat-like substitutes, & the baked goods all look delicious.

Hope you have some fun perusing the blogs. I’ll post more about the potential vegan experiment next week. For now, the nose goes back in the textbook.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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