the everything-at-once post

L, M, N, O, Peas

My mind has been endlessly hovering over the time span of summer vacation like a Mac’s spinning wheel of death*. My brain is just waiting for summer to load; it’s not taking on any new content.

You know what that means. I’ve been making millions of lists & decisions that trick me into thinking I’m doing something.

I wanted to share those with you today. I’m going to do that in several waves.

Wave 1: The Real Decision
That’s right. In the past few days, I’ve made one real decision. I’m definitely not leaving behind the French influence of this blog. It’s a defining part of my personality & life, & it’s the style of cooking I most enjoy.

That’s said, it doesn’t really match the time or resources that I have available on a regular basis. For that reason, I’ve started a new page on this blog. The Not French Recipes. This will be where I share the recipes that really get us through–the seasonal, simple ingredients & lots of bulk beans or grains. I. am. excited.

That’s bring me to my next wave.

Wave 2: The Recipes
My two girl friends are coming over tomorrow for a two-hour break from studying. We bake things together, so when I was looking for recipes we’d be interested in, my summer I Want to Bake That list exploded. Here are a few examples that I think you’ll also enjoy:

Wave 3: The Reading
I am overestimating the amount of time I’ll have to read this summer, but I have made a list that got me so excited I didn’t have the heart to nix any of them. Here we go:

  • I’ll admit it. My sister lent me The Hunger Games. I’m waiting until summer. Or, trying. I’m just intrigued by the fact that a young adult book can have so much murder. Plus, the author was an IU graduate. So I sort of feel like I have to read it. Read this press release; her favorite childhood books are many of my own. I wanted to give you an example, but I couldn’t pick just one. That made me trust the author a whole lot more!
  • Now, I probably wouldn’t recommend Food Politics as a summer read, but I am confident that it will (1) give me massive amounts of education (2) connect me to all sorts of other things to read and (3) help me find food-related content for this blog.
  • On a related note, Joe got me Family Farming for my birthday. I’ve been waiting for months now to get started.  As my own family was impacted by the farm crisis, I feel like this is not only an educational book for me, but a beginning of understanding why I care so deeply about this issue–a start of “turning the lens” back to my own family & (indirect) experience, if you’ll allow me to geek out about writing for a moment. I think this would be a wonderful text to get you interested in the real beyond-being-a-foodie side of the food movement. It is a movement, & it’s strong.
  • My mom has given me countless great friends to love over the course of my life. The Ya-Yas. Scout & Jem. Andrew Henry. Francie Nolan. I need to stop before this gets out of hand. Anyway, when my mom showed up for a visit with The Last Convertible, I knew I was in for a good summer read.

There are countless others, from Sister Age to The Fear to Harry Potter à l’écoles des sorciers. What are you reading this summer? (I’d love to add more to my own  list, if you have great suggestions!)

Wave 4: The Real Life
It’s homework time. Have a great Wednesday. Here, things are soggy & grey, but the peas, eggplant, pepper & herb starts seem to be happy.


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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