Pre-Spring Break Break

Hey, all. It’s the week leading up to Spring Break, & that means midterms, last-minute meetings, group project sessions & me frantically traveling from one part of town to the other until 10 p.m. each day. Regular posts will resume Saturday. In the mean time, check out this stuff:

  1. The Salt Cellar is by far the most beautiful tumblr I’ve ever seen. Equally lovely, reminding me of many drive through Ohio, is Rural Workshop.
  2. Check out these bulldog puppies learning how to walk, then buy me one.
  3. Found this convenient French film starter lists–best ever French films. We’ve seen 12 so far, just by roaming through the library’s collection. I recommend all of them, even the ones I haven’t seen. I hope to work through this lists during the summer & increase my understanding of French cinema. So far, all the films have been a sexually-charged, emotionally-heightened, playfully colored joy. Our favorites on the list so far: all three by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The Three Colors (which should all be at any library), 8 Women (a modern, very French musical), The 400 Blows.
  4. Wayfare! A new, online travel magazine that will make you wish you were going anywhere & everywhere–absolutely gorgeous layout!
  5. If the French were eating red velvet cake, it would be this one. I’ve always found red velvet cake, well, disturbing. I don’t trust anything with that much food coloring. The recipe on Gilt Taste gets its color wine & cocoa alone. I’m all about it.

There you have it. Five happy things to keep your eyes busy. You won’t even miss me. See you Saturday!


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human geography PhD Student at Indiana University; wife, reader, writer, baker, gardener
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2 Responses to Pre-Spring Break Break

  1. thebakeandbrew says:

    Doesn’t that red velvet cake look di-vine?? I would totally serve that as dessert at a dinner party. Have you seen Cyrano de Bergerac? That was one of my Saturday morning movies for quite some time, and of course Gérard Depardieu is wonderful in it.

    Good luck with midterms and enjoy what I’m sure is a well-deserved Spring Break!

    • meganbetz says:

      Yes! I love it, and it was the first book I ever read in French as well. Perhaps the cake can be a recipe we try together? #BakingParty!!!!

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