lent: the vegetarian returns

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Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I was supposed to be chowing down on mondo amounts of chocolates & meats & good things, preparing to fast & sacrifice for the next 40 days.

But I’m sick.

Since leaving work yesterday, I have been sitting in bed with a pineapple juice, trying to do my homework & falling asleep instead. Perfect. Right in time for mid-terms. Right in time for the garden planning I want to be doing & the Lenten promise I made to myself:

This year, Veggie Meggie returns. Even if it’s only for 40 days. Now, I’m not blaming my sickness on my diet, but I do think it’s been a large contributing factor. For the past few weeks, my diet has been going downhill. More pizza with mystery chicken bits. More impulse purchases at the grocery. Less focus on whole, balanced, vegetarian-heavy meals. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve then been craving more sugar, having less energy & feeling like I’d die if I worked out.

Lent is a time of reflection, sacrifice & preparation. I’m using that time to return to a more basic, lower-impact diet that works with all that the Earth gives us, season by season with as little as possible.

I realize that sounds incredibly New Age. Forgive me. But I think rather than the “I give up chocolate” or “I give up all dessert” diet-focus that many take for Lent, I want to focus on a sacrifice that represent my respect for this planet & for my own body. I’m going to practice what I’ve been preaching.

We’ll have lots of basic, balanced, French-inspired goodies to get our bodies happy in time for spring. This isn’t a slim-down for a swimsuit, it’s a ready-for-yoga-calm-state-of-mind re-focusing.

This was all inspired by a friend’s gathering Friday evening. We were hanging out in the kitchen sipping some beers & sharing king cake. On display on the counter was Ball jar after Ball jar of dried goods–beans, lentils, split peas. Lovely decoration & so many affordable meals, just sitting there at the ready. When I noticed them, my friend was in the middle of explaining that they had been afraid to go to the winter farmers’ market, thinking it would be all meats, dairy & eggs–goods too expensive for their budget.

They were doing without so much, but making so many fun recipes. I realized that I’d be gradually slipping into a habit of buying whatever groceries I felt like. It seemed like, despite our efforts, Joe & I were

I’m excited. Or as excited as I can be now that I am out of pineapple juice with nothing to do but feel sorry for myself while I lay around & suck at life for the rest of the night. At least Baby is kind enough to stretch out in her cage & look miserable, too. See you Saturday, with the first Lent series recipe.

Here’s a recap of how the season’s going:


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